Cabinet Bed

Metro Cabinet Bed

The Metro from Cabinet Bed is a beautiful Murphy Bed made entirely in Canada. Unlike traditional Wall or Murphy Beds the cabinet bed or chest is free standing and does nor require to be mounted to your wall. Customize the look of your Murphy Bed by choosing from 12 different finishes and stains. Choose from a selection of different handles to further customize your Cabinet Bed the ultimate compliment for any guest, basement, or entertainment room within your home. 

The storage drawer is what truly separates the Cabinet Bed from it leading competitors. With a wide storage drawer so strong you could stand inside of it!

The New Yorker comes with a Tri-Fold mattress made in Canada and does not contain any harmful fire retardants or VOC's ensuring you or your guests of a healthy and restful night's sleep. Gel infused properties also ensure your sleep is undisturbed as the open cell structure of their gel foam absorbs heat and humidity thermo-regulating your sleep surface. No Cabinet Bed contains mdf or particle board ensuring the durability and longevity of your investment.


  • Made from Oregon American birch solid plywood.
  • Manufactured in Vancouver, BC at Cabinet Bed's state of the art facility.
  • Customize the colour of your Cabinet Bed with 9 stains or 3 painted finishes so your Murphy Bed will seamlessly fit into your home decor cohesively.
  • Safety is #1 with Cabinet Bed; mattresses and raw materials do not contain any formaldehyde or other harmful substances. 
  • Hardware options allow for a more personalized customization of your Cabinet Bed ensuring it will not upset the opulence of your home decor.
  • The top of the Cabinet Bed New Yorker can easily support up to a 60" flat screen tv maximizing the functionality of this beautiful and stunning furniture piece.
  • Free Shipping across Canada with White Glove available in select areas.
  • Feature the industry's largest storage drawer at 59 inches wide.
  • Tested and rated to support heavy loads up to 500 lbs.
  • Should you need more information contact us or call toll free +1 833-211-7632 and talk to one of our friendly home decor experts.

Shipping & Availability

The  Metro Cabinet Bed is made to order and typically arrives in 2-6 weeks. Free delivery is includes to nearly anywhere in Canada unless shipping to a remote destination. White Glove is included across the greater Toronto area and to most major cities across southern Ontario.